This Entrepreneur’s Secret to Blending Work and Life While Traveling

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As a frequent business traveler, Tim Warrington has realized that the idea of work-life balance simply doesn’t exist. “When you have your own business, you’re always at work in some form or another, it’s a lifestyle choice,” he says. “People get more stressed by trying to achieve work-life balance rather than just going with the flow.”

Another way to say “going with the flow?” Work-life blend. Warrington lives his life while working and works while he lives his life. He attends more than 30 business engagements around the globe annually on behalf of his robotics company and has embraced a sage business-travel lifestyle that blends his personal side and professional side into one. These are the secrets to his work-life blend success.

Keep Sleep Sacred

No two days are alike for Warrington when he’s away on business, so it’s a challenge to maintain his usual sleep schedule. A good night’s sleep is rarely in the cards, so he’s agile about resting and sneaks in shut-eye whenever he can to be as productive as possible.

“I listen to my body,” he says. “If I’m tired after a meeting, I’ll go and sleep.” After his nap, Warrington is recharged and jumps right back into his work day. “I’ll be ready for the email onslaught. When you’re away you still have to keep up with emails, etc. between meetings,” he says.

Warrington avoids all-night meetings at all costs, but sometimes he has to muscle through the day on little sleep. “You do inevitably end up out late sometimes,” he says, especially if a client takes him out.

Warrington likes to stay with Crowne Plaza® Hotels & Resorts wherever he travels because he knows he’ll get a good sleep experience. This is easy with Crowne Plaza’s Sleep Advantage program. Business travelers can take advantage of aromatherapy kits, guaranteed wake-up calls, and premium bedding, all designed for the best possible sleep experience to feel sharp the following day.

Make Time for Wellness

No matter where Warrington is in the world, he organizes his schedule around healthy meals, exercise, and unwinding. “I use the Crowne Plaza amenities to their full extent,” shares Warrington.

As an IHG® Rewards Club Spire Elite member, he knows that he can count on a good breakfast to fuel him for a day of meetings. Before reaching his first appointment, he always makes the time to hit the gym for a burst of energy — and he also indulges in a few minutes in the sauna whenever available. Sticking to this schedule helps Warrington make his business travel more productive, and his life healthier.

Make Your Own Schedule

With different expectations from clients and partners in every destination, it would be easy to let others’ priorities throw his schedule out of wack trip after trip. Warrington resists this, maintaining consistency in his schedule.

For example, Warrington doesn’t take meetings before 10:00 am. The only way he could keep up with a schedule of all-day meetings was to redefine how meetings work on the road. He learned that starting meetings earlier in the morning made it impossible for him to stick with his wellness routine. He tries to maintain a regular meal schedule while on the road and breaks for lunch before 1:00 pm.

When he’s traveling to attend exhibitions, he ends up working late in the night, but he tries to spread meetings out throughout the afternoon as he lets his body clock adjust to the local time zone naturally. If clients aren’t taking him out, he tries to be back at Crowne Plaza relaxing by 6:00 pm. His regulated schedule allows him to pace himself and get some free time to himself.

Fit in Exploration Time

Often times, business travelers feel they don’t do enough leisure traveling. Not Warrington. He does both at the same time, making time to explore the cities he visits for work to make the most out of his overseas business travel. “I always make sure to have the last day to unwind in order to make the trip not all about work,” he says. Traveling for work is the norm for Warrington. Like many business travelers, he realizes that the way he lives on the road becomes the way he lives his life. By avoiding the trap of trying to achieve a balance between his work and “regular” life, and instead blending the two, he’s living an immensely satisfying life, no matter where he happens to