Inspiring Business Travelers Through Meaningful Partnerships

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Many business travelers spend anywhere from several weeks to months a year away from home. It can add up to dozens of hours spent in airport security lines, taxis/rideshares and hotels. Crowne Plaza® Hotels & Resorts is making sure those nights in a hotel are meaningful and memorable, by offering thoughtful amenities like high-quality coffee, on-trend music and restorative bath products that enhance your worktime and downtime.

“Our guests aren’t just working all day and going to their room to sleep at night,” says Lindsey Abreu, brand manager for the Crowne Plaza brand. “They’re looking for inspiring and restorative experiences.”

It’s business, mostly. Guests want more out of a business trip; they want to collaborate and celebrate with colleagues, video chat with their families, and immerse themselves in the local culture.  The Crowne Plaza brand’s amenity partnerships are one way the brand adds inspiration and humanity to guests’ business trips.  And the entrepreneurs behind each of the products – the coffee, the music, the bath amenities – have their own “business, mostly.” story.

Hand-curated music by a master

The Crowne Plaza brand understands business travelers want music they’d listen to in their own homes, not standard elevator or lobby music. The first sounds you hear in the morning should set the tone for your day, and the music at the end of the night should help you turn down. So the brand partnered with Michael Fitzpatrick of the indie pop band Fitz and the Tantrums to help.

Fitzpatrick curated playlists exclusively for Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts. His song picks are selected to pair with specific times of day, and specific areas of the hotel. They’re a mix of genres and eras, and they can energize guests before a big client meeting or help them relax after a long day of travel. Guests can hear songs like Train’s “Hey, Soul Sister” at the pool, “Hang On To Your Love” by Sade in the lobby and Niall Horan’s “This Town” in the restaurant. Fitz and the Tantrums songs are in the mix, too, including their 2016 hit “HandClap,” that, like all summer anthems, is likely to get stuck in your head from time to time.

Like many artists, Fitzpatrick spends a lot of time traveling, so he can relate to Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts guests. “Michael is a business traveler himself,” says Hayley Jackson, brand manager for the Crowne Plaza brand. “Always on the road, he used his own experiences as a basis to create playlists that evoked the right feeling.” That feeling is modern, sophisticated and upbeat, Jackson says. The playlists will be updated four times a year to keep the atmosphere fresh no matter how often travelers find themselves checking in.

“The Crowne Plaza brand wants to create a thoughtful, multi-sensory experience,” Jackson says. “Using this additional layer of ambiance, we know business travelers appreciate our design-led and culturally relevant approach to the guest experience.”

She’s right. Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts guests have responded favorably, saying there’s a “good mix of genres” and “(the music’s) a pick-me-up. It’s not the elevator music you sometimes hear.”

Family-made coffee with culture

Business travelers need good coffee like they need a good Wi-Fi connection, so the Crowne Plaza brand has partnered with well-known companies such as Lavazza™ to provide them their daily cup (or three). In every Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts guest room in the U.S., guests will find a single-serve Keurig® machine, with Lavazza™ coffee and Newman’s Own™ decaf.

“While exploring new cities and cultures can be fulfilling, there’s also something refreshing about checking in to your hotel and knowing exactly what you’re going to get,” says Abreu.

But just any coffee beans wouldn’t do. The Crowne Plaza brand team conducted qualitative and quantitative research to select Lavazza, an Italian family-run business that has been around for nearly 125 years.

Artisanal bath amenities, from and for modern business travelers

Knowing that you can leave your own bath amenities at home because the shampoo, conditioner and soap at Crowne Plaza hotels are high-quality is a luxury in itself. All Crowne Plaza hotels in the U.S. and Canada have Beekman 1802 bath and body products in every room.

“Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts guests are on the go, and coming back to Beekman 1802 amenities helps them relax and restore for the day ahead,” says Orian Maier, brand manager for the Crowne Plaza brand.

Beekman 1802 products are top shelf, and so is the story behind them. Founders Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge bought a farm in the mid-2000s in upstate New York as a weekend escape from their high-stress jobs in New York City.

When they both got laid off, they didn’t want to lose the farm. So, the pair began making and selling soaps and cheese from goat milk. Twelve years and one reality TV show later, Beekman 1802 is a top lifestyle brand whose founding mission is to encourage people to “Cultivate a Beautiful Life”, and maker of everything from face serum to maple syrup to lavender mist.

Speaking of lavender mist, it’s included in the Crowne Plaza brand’s Sleep Advantage Kit, which waits on the pillow for every incoming guest. “That’s our surprise and delight amenity,” Maier says. “It includes a soothing facial wipe and a bottle of calming lavender mist to promote a restful night’s sleep.” Because what’s more important on a business trip than getting a good night’s sleep?

Details such as music, coffee and bath amenities are just a few examples of the purposeful and thoughtful decisions the Crowne Plaza brand team makes to help today’s business travelers be their best selves on the road.