A new space for a new traveler

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How we work and how we live are quickly becoming the same. New options and new conveniences driven by technology and a connected world are everywhere. We can order nearly anything with the touch of a button, and easy grab-and-go food and beverage options are close at hand to fuel our journeys.

Just as importantly, where and when people work is also evolving. Location shifting has become common and by 2020, 50% of workers won’t even depend on an office.

The pace of life has increased as our world has gotten smaller and travel has become the norm. So we now take our work, our technology and our passions with us wherever we go, seeking out the spaces that can keep us connected and help everything work smoothly. What we really need is a new kind of space—built for sharing ideas, data and time together.

The public space comes of age.

As business travelers become less tethered to old rules, they’re becoming more attracted to the freedom
“third spaces” can deliver. Crowne Plaza® is the first hotel brand to bring this powerful idea to life—with Plaza Workspace.

Intuitively designed and embedded with technology, Plaza Workspace is built specifically for the way people instinctively want to work and be social. A variety of uniquely collaborative spaces make Plaza Workspace innovative and extremely adaptable, and on-demand features like ample charging options, fast, free Wi-Fi connectivity and electronic ordering make it incredibly productive. With the all-new Plaza Workspace, the public space has come of age. And only one hotel brand has it.

The distinctly designed, all-new Plaza Workspace

The new Plaza Workspace has its own kind of energy and style, delivering new value to owners, hotels and guests. See it here, first.

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