How Crowne Plaza’s Innovative New Menus Are Energizing Business Travelers

April 17th, 2019 Posted by New at Crowne Plaza 0 comments on “How Crowne Plaza’s Innovative New Menus Are Energizing Business Travelers”

Today’s business travelers aren’t just attending meetings and going to their hotel room to sleep. They are making the most of their trips – sightseeing, meeting up with friends and relatives, and immersing themselves in the local culture.

Recognizing the importance of inspiration and restoration for these travelers, Crowne Plaza® Hotels & Resorts has launched a new food & beverage solution across 79 U.S. hotels. The program includes new menus for lunch, dinner, bar and in-room dining, designed with today’s business traveler in mind.

Since its launch, hotel operators have seen improvements in guest satisfaction scores and revenue. Now in its second phase, the program is building on signature items from 2018 with new offerings. Key elements of the program include:

Elevated Culinary Options

Whether they’re dining in the bar, restaurant, or in the comfort of their room, guests will enjoy a high-quality meal. The new core menu offers contemporary American cuisine with innovative entrees and salads, as well as shareable plates designed to enhance the bar experience. A few standout dishes include the BBQ Bacon Jack Burger and the savory Cuban sandwich.

A Happier Happy Hour

Sometimes the mojito is as important as the meeting. Guests can discover a new local beer during their team brainstorm. Or they can raise a signature cocktail, such as the Crowned Jewel Moscow Mule, to the close of a successful deal.

“New Modern” Menu Design

To ensure Crowne Plaza guests have a consistently superior experience no matter which hotel they visit, the program includes one required “core menu,” accompanied by customizable templates for each location. Options include a Chef’s Favorite menu to highlight up to five local items, a dessert menu, a Late Night Room Service menu and a Kids’ menu.

Exceptional Training & Support

The key to a positive experience lies in extraordinary service. Crowne Plaza employees are trained to think about and treat our guests differently, getting to know them on a genuine, personal level and offering differentiated service.

At Crowne Plaza, food is more than just fuel – it’s a source of inspiration and relaxation, done on guests’ terms.