Be among the first.

We’re glad you’re interested in becoming an Early Adopter of the Plaza Workspace! This exciting new Crowne Plaza® standard will offer real value to guests and will drive new revenue for owners. Because we’ll be first to market, it also offers our brand a distinct competitive advantage. Plaza Workspace is an innovative experience that gets to the heart of what the Modern Business Traveler wants and needs.

  • Pilot program validated significant increases in overall guest experience and brand metrics including preference, productivity and brand differentiation
  • Based on pilot results, Plaza Workspace delivers a return on investment in two years, driven by incremental revenue through Marketplace, Studio and F&B.
  • IHG® will invest alongside Early Adopter hotels. To be considered as an Early Adopter, you must be compliant with the Crowne Plaza Accelerate program.

“For more information, click the “CONTACT US TO SCHEDULE A MEETING” button above. When ready to be considered for the program, visit the “HOTEL SUBMISSION FORM” link. Then move quickly to submit necessary information about your hotel operation.

Early adoption timeline

  • December: Interested hotels must sign up online by 12/31/17 at (the “Website”) to be considered for the Early Adopter Program. Hotels must complete the Early Adopter form on the Website and upload hotel lobby floor plans and photos of the public space by 12/31/17. Public space plans must be uploaded as a CAD or PDF file.
  • January: By 1/31/18, IHG® will contact all hotels that signed up for the Early Adopter Program via the Website by 12/31/17. If the hotel meets the below Qualification Requirements and is selected, IHG will set up time with the designated hotel representative to review the estimated range of costs, potential launch dates, and the Early Adopter participation agreement (the “Agreement”).
  • February: By 2/28/18, Owner must:  (i) execute and return the Agreement to IHG, with the agreed upon installation date, and (ii) submit Owner’s first payment of $50,000.
  • Installation: Installation will be based on the date in the Agreement.  The targeted installation date for the Early Adopter Program is between July and December 2018.
  • Assuming a hotel is not undergoing a lobby renovation, the total estimated cost is $200,000. This cost will vary depending on market, size of lobby and construction required.
  • The IHG incentive to Owner is designed to cover approximately 30% of the total costs of the Plaza Workspace up to a maximum amount of: (i) $40,000 for hotels undergoing a lobby renovation, and (ii) $65,000 for hotels outside of the renovation cycle for the lobby.  The incentive is planned to cover costs associated with design fees, construction project management, and procurement services.  In order to receive the incentive, hotels must meet the Qualification and Participation Requirements set forth below.

Qualification Requirements

In order to be selected for the Plaza Workspace Early Adopter Program, hotels must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Must have adequate public space to fit the brand standards in the public space, as determined by IHG.
  • Must be compliant with the Crowne Plaza Accelerate Program, including but not limited to, the following:
    • Accelerate Essentials installed:  Compliant with the Uniform, Collateral and Pillows standards
    • Must have the IHG Connect solution installed (both wireless and bandwidth) by the start of the Plaza Workspace installation date.  Installation date will be provided in the Agreement. Note:  Plaza Workspace technology will not function properly if IHG Connect is not installed.
    • Compliant with the Crowne Plaza brand standards for the Fitness Center.
    • Must attend the Crowne Plaza Ignite F&B and Dare to Connect Service training summits.
  • Must have a rolling 12-month Guest Love score of 70 at a minimum starting January 2018..
  • No defaults on IHG License, current on all IHG fees, and have passed the most recent Quality Evaluations.
  • Hotel must not be for sale in 2018.

Participation Requirements

  • By 2/28/17, Owner must execute and return the Agreement to IHG, which will include the timeline for installation and a payment schedule.
  • All installations and payments must adhere to the schedule provided in the Agreement. Payments will be due as specified in the Agreement. The first payment of $50,000 will be due on 2/28/18 to cover the costs of an as built survey, design fees for preliminary layouts through design development, and initial project management kick off meetings.
  • Owner must contract with the required IHG-approved vendors for design services, procurement, and construction project management.
  • Design and implementation of the Plaza Workspace solution must comply with the published brand standards.
  • Owner must agree to share the Plaza Workspace monthly sales data with IHG, including Marketplace sales, COGS, profit margin, Food and Beverage sales, and Studio sales in a format determined by IHG.
  • Owner must maintain compliance with all the Qualification Requirements through completion of the Plaza Workspace installation.

Click the video below to view the Plaza Workspace panel discussion from the 2017 Owner and GM Conference.