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How Crowne Plaza’s Innovative New Menus Are Energizing Business Travelers

April 17th, 2019 Posted by New at Crowne Plaza 0 comments on “How Crowne Plaza’s Innovative New Menus Are Energizing Business Travelers”

Today’s business travelers aren’t just attending meetings and going to their hotel room to sleep. They are making the most of their trips – sightseeing, meeting up with friends and relatives, and immersing themselves in the local culture.

Recognizing the importance of inspiration and restoration for these travelers, Crowne Plaza® Hotels & Resorts has launched a new food & beverage solution across 79 U.S. hotels. The program includes new menus for lunch, dinner, bar and in-room dining, designed with today’s business traveler in mind.

Since its launch, hotel operators have seen improvements in guest satisfaction scores and revenue. Now in its second phase, the program is building on signature items from 2018 with new offerings. Key elements of the program include:

Elevated Culinary Options

Whether they’re dining in the bar, restaurant, or in the comfort of their room, guests will enjoy a high-quality meal. The new core menu offers contemporary American cuisine with innovative entrees and salads, as well as shareable plates designed to enhance the bar experience. A few standout dishes include the BBQ Bacon Jack Burger and the savory Cuban sandwich.

A Happier Happy Hour

Sometimes the mojito is as important as the meeting. Guests can discover a new local beer during their team brainstorm. Or they can raise a signature cocktail, such as the Crowned Jewel Moscow Mule, to the close of a successful deal.

“New Modern” Menu Design

To ensure Crowne Plaza guests have a consistently superior experience no matter which hotel they visit, the program includes one required “core menu,” accompanied by customizable templates for each location. Options include a Chef’s Favorite menu to highlight up to five local items, a dessert menu, a Late Night Room Service menu and a Kids’ menu.

Exceptional Training & Support

The key to a positive experience lies in extraordinary service. Crowne Plaza employees are trained to think about and treat our guests differently, getting to know them on a genuine, personal level and offering differentiated service.

At Crowne Plaza, food is more than just fuel – it’s a source of inspiration and relaxation, done on guests’ terms.

Exciting Renovations Underway in Mexico, Latin America, and the Caribbean

June 15th, 2017 Posted by New at Crowne Plaza 0 comments on “Exciting Renovations Underway in Mexico, Latin America, and the Caribbean”

Get ready for even better poolside memories, captivating nights and stunning spaces (best enjoyed with a mojito in hand). Iconic properties across Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean are getting a major makeover, with renovations and new Crowne Plaza Accelerate program implementations expected to be completed in 2018. As announced in May 2017, the multi-million-dollar renovations include revamping guest rooms, lobbies, restaurants, facilities and public areas with a brand-new style. To ensure you stay productive and energized, meeting rooms, business centers, technology options and gyms will also get a modern upgrade. Notable properties that have undergone significant changes include Managua and San Salvador in Central America; Santo Domingo in the Caribbean; Monterrey, Queretaro and Toluca-Lancaster in Mexico; and Asuncion and Santiago in South America.

Find additional information on our properties that have been renovated and what to expect in the coming year at Today’s Hotelier.

We’re All Business, Mostly

March 20th, 2017 Posted by New at Crowne Plaza 0 comments on “We’re All Business, Mostly”

Last year we announced IHG’s $200 million investment in the Crowne Plaza® brand, with a 2017 marketing campaign as just one part of the Accelerate program. Today, the marketing campaign is finally here—called “We’re all business, mostly”.

At Crowne Plaza, we know work has changed. And with it, our guests have changed, too. In today’s world, work is more digital, flexible, mobile and connected. The line between work and life continues to blur—and with this change, our guests need a hotel that enables a successful work and life blend. And that’s what Crowne Plaza does—because we’re all business, mostly.

Check out the campaign video below. As you’ll see, it’s all about our guest, and how Crowne Plaza enables them to do all the things they do—whether that’s having a business meeting, enjoying a bit of downtime, or even squeezing in time for some one-wheel boarding!

Keep your ears and eyes out for the campaign—you can see the video and more on TV, social media and beyond.

We’ve Got the Look

September 1st, 2016 Posted by New at Crowne Plaza 0 comments on “We’ve Got the Look”

Design-led. It’s a beacon for every aspect of our brand, and supporting that with stylish presentation on the part of our hotel team members is an important element. That’s why we’re excited to partner with Timo Weiland, a fresh and innovative fashion design team, to create a unique new look for Crowne Plaza® hotel uniforms. Check out the latest design sketches and learn more about our partnership.

A new space for a new traveler

September 1st, 2015 Posted by New at Crowne Plaza 0 comments on “A new space for a new traveler”

How we work and how we live are quickly becoming the same. New options and new conveniences driven by technology and a connected world are everywhere. We can order nearly anything with the touch of a button, and easy grab-and-go food and beverage options are close at hand to fuel our journeys.

Just as importantly, where and when people work is also evolving. Location shifting has become common and by 2020, 50% of workers won’t even depend on an office.

The pace of life has increased as our world has gotten smaller and travel has become the norm. So we now take our work, our technology and our passions with us wherever we go, seeking out the spaces that can keep us connected and help everything work smoothly. What we really need is a new kind of space—built for sharing ideas, data and time together.

The public space comes of age.

As business travelers become less tethered to old rules, they’re becoming more attracted to the freedom
“third spaces” can deliver. Crowne Plaza® is the first hotel brand to bring this powerful idea to life—with Plaza Workspace.

Intuitively designed and embedded with technology, Plaza Workspace is built specifically for the way people instinctively want to work and be social. A variety of uniquely collaborative spaces make Plaza Workspace innovative and extremely adaptable, and on-demand features like ample charging options, fast, free Wi-Fi connectivity and electronic ordering make it incredibly productive. With the all-new Plaza Workspace, the public space has come of age. And only one hotel brand has it.

The distinctly designed, all-new Plaza Workspace

The new Plaza Workspace has its own kind of energy and style, delivering new value to owners, hotels and guests. See it here, first.

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Live the WorkLife

September 1st, 2014 Posted by New at Crowne Plaza 0 comments on “Live the WorkLife”

Crowne Plaza® is redefining what a great business hotel room can be. The all-new WorkLife Room made its major market debut in early 2017, offering guests an incredible mix of comfort, connectivity and flexibility. This is real innovation designed completely around the needs of modern travelers who blend life and business easily and often. Have a look at the video and see it now!